Telia Dwyer

Pleased to meet you.

My name is Telia Dwyer. I’m a Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist and artist who see’s the world in colours, shapes, typography and space. It’s a blessing and a burden – On the one hand I have the ability to design beautiful visual solutions. On the other, I’d just like to order eye fillet and sweet potato fries with a bourbon and coke without analysing and critiquing the menu layout, font choice and paper stock. I just can’t un-see ugly design.

I’ve always been an artists. Painting or sketching realism underpins my ability to understand balance. But it’s  empathy, curiosity and gratitude that is at the core of branding. Having the ability to understand a client’s deepest emotions, personal “why”and business goals,  helps me weave that DNA into the fabric of a brand. Shining a light on what’s important and creating a space for customers to build a relationship.

I am privilege to have a team of highly skilled collaborators and co-creators combining PR, photography, marketing, digital, interior and staging who have the same drive to communicate creative, smart and beautiful ideas.

I am also a super happy wife to Greg Dwyer. I love to create cultured desserts, ferment food and bevvies. Sleep is my best friend and who doesn’t Netflix binge every now and then, which is a counterproductive to my bodybuilding goals.